An integral part of the EU programmes supporting the cross-border cooperation is represented by a so-called "small project fund" used to finance the smallest projects, especially non-investment ones. These projects represent cooperation of local communities at both sides of the border. Their aim is the development in the fields of human relations, mutual educational, cultural, sports and leisure time activities, public service etc.

Although the Phare CBC Czech Republic - Poland programme was directed especially to support big investment projects, the "Joint Small Project Fund" (JSPF) supported smaller non-investment "people-to-people" projects was an integral part of the programme as well. The JSPF was constituted in the form of a grant scheme financing small projects up to 50,000 EUR per project. The total amount earmarked for small projects represented 10 % of total financial means of the programme each year.

‍As the JSPF was very successful tool for support non-investment "people-to-people" projects, in 2004, when the Initiative INTERREG IIIA the Czech Republic - Poland (2004-2006) started, the JSPF was replaced with a similar tool - so called Microproject Fund. Allocation of 5.1 million EUR, which was a subsidy of the European Regional Development Fund, was intended for the whole duration of the programme and represented 15 % of total financial measures. Maximum financial support was 20,000 EUR per project. The management of the Microproject Fund was carried out by 6 Euroregions in the Czech-Polish border regions: Nisa, Glacensis, Praděd, Silesia, Cieszyn Silesia and Beskydy. The allocation for the Microproject Fund was divided into six parts, equal to the size of the territory managed by each Euroregion, and each euroregion was responsible for the correct use of these funds in their territory.

‍‍Under the Operational Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation Czech Republic - Republic of Poland 2007 - 2013, the Microproject Fund was earmarked as a separate support area, to which 20 % of the total funding of the programme was allocated - a total of 43.8 million EUR. As in the previous programme, euroregions performed the function of Administrators of the Microproject Fund during this period. More than 3,000 small projects on both sides of the border have been implemented through this programme.


The Microproject Fund, as a proven flexible instrument for cross-border cooperation programmes designed to finance smaller-scale projects and managed by Euroregions responsible for the correct use of allocated funds, was also included in the INTERREG V-A Programme Czech Republic - Poland (2014-2020). Again, the allocation amounts to 20 % of the total funding of the programme, 45.244 million EUR in total. Microproject Funds in each Euroregion will be closed in mid-2023.

Even in the new INTERREG Programme Czech Republic – Poland 2021-2027, smaller projects will be financed through the Small Projects Fund. For the first time in history, this instrument is enshrined in the relevant Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council, making the Small Projects Fund a legitimate instrument for cross-border cooperation programmes. Further negotiations are currently underway with euroregions on the forefront of a new Small Projects Fund under the Czech-Polish programme.

On 4 September 2019, representatives of all 6 Euroregions of the Czech-Polish border held a meeting in Prudnik to prepare a new programme for the period 2021-2027 and the Small Projects Fund. The main topic of focus was the analysis of unit costs for the preparation of a simplified form of financing for small projects.