Contrary to an original suggestion of the name "Silesia Superior" that was highly recommended by specialists of important Silesian institutions (Silesian University in Opava, Silesian Land Museum or Silesian Land Archives) with respect to the Euroregion's centre formed by the Czech Opavian region and the Polish Racibórz region, the representatives of a newly forming Euroregion preferred the simpler but not as precise name of "Silesia". The inaccuracy of such a name is mainly due to the territory covered by the Euroregion Silesia, because its area covers only a smaller part of the historic area of the whole Silesia. It also stretches to the area of Northern Moravia at the Czech border-area. Nevertheless, the name was quickly accepted in spite of its inaccuracy. Thanks to its Latin origin, which enables the name to be used in all the languages with no need of translating, the name is easy to understand.


The symbol of the Euroregion Silesia is a logo formed by twelve yellow stars in a circle on a field of blue, flying interconnected flags of the Czech Republic and Poland and the inscription EUROREGION SILESIA. The earlier logo generated by a children's competition had to be modified - the original black inscription EUROREGION SILESIA on a field of dark blue was difficult to see, therefore it was replaced by the white inscription currently used.

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