Forum of Polish Border Regions and Federation of Euroregions of the Republic of Poland

The Forum of Polish Border Regions is the annual meeting of all 15 Polish associations forming euroregions. The Forum was established with the aim of exchanging information between Euroregions from the various Polish borders regions, with a view to jointly promoting the idea of European unity and international understanding, and last but not least, to breaking down all stereotypes between bordering neighbours. The Polish Border Regions Forum is only a platform for the exchange of information and has no legal personality.


In order to strengthen the position of the Forum of Polish Border Regions, a meeting of representatives of all associations representing Polish parties of the Euroregions was held in Warsaw on 13 February 2012 in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland with representatives of the Office of the President of the Republic. At this meeting, a declaration of intent was signed on the establishment of the Federation of Associations forming euroregions in Polish border regions. The declaration of intent has been signed by representatives of the following Euroregions: Pomerania, Pro Europa Viadrina, Sprewa-Nysa-Bóbr, Nysa, Glacensis, Silesia, Śląsk Cieszyński, Beskidy, Tatry, Karpacki, Bug, Puszcza Białowieska, Niemen and Bałtyk.


In September 2012, the 20th Forum of Polish border regions took place, where the Federation of Euroregions of the Republic of Poland based in Gubina was established. The declaration of intent signed by the 15 Euroregions states that: 'Representatives of the associations forming euroregions at the Polish border, taking into account the development of partnership and social dialogue and taking into account the importance of such cooperation in the process of European Integration, express their willingness to establish a Federation of Euroregions of the Republic of Poland representing the common interests of Polish associations with an aim to deepen the cooperation for building good relations with the societies of neighbouring countries, which are in accordance with the national interest.' In accordance with the statutes, the aim of the Federation of Euroregions is to represent the interests of Polish associations – euroregions. Other activities are of promotional and information character, developed for euroregions, and activities aimed at involving the Federation of Associations in development policy carried out by the state authorities of the Republic of Poland.